Objectives & Functions

In our ministry, every unit and department is saddled with various objectives to ensure smooth running of the ministry as we serve the public. 

Policies and Prorammes

To evolve, implement and monitor the implementation of policies and programmes necessary for the guidance of youths in their all-round development.

Financial Report

To give intelligent and timely reports about the finances of the state government and to prepare monthly financial reports.

Camping Facilities

To provide camping facilities for sportsmen and sportswomen of Oyo State thereby reducing cost and hotel expenses.

Promote Professionalism

To promote professionalism and self- reliance in sports as a means of achieving perfection in sports nationally and internationally.

Solving ills

To utilize sporting activities as a means of solving some of the social ills of the nation.

Sporting Facilities

To provide the required sporting facilities in order to enhance better performance.

Traditional Sports

To provide opportunities for encouraging traditional sports with a view to upgrading them for national and international competitions.

Agency and Sports Club

To monitor the activities of the Oyo State Agency for Youth Development, the Oyo State Sports Council, the Shooting Stars Sports Club(3SC), and Crown FC, Ogbomoso.